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    Export for actionscript - Not in first frame

    Nixy Level 1
      Just a simple question.
      Don't need to know if it works or not I have tested it. What I want is to understand. Here it is:

      If I use the Export for actionscript and I unselect the Export in first frame, the item that will be linked by the ID in the library must appear on the timeline. Normally it must be on a frame that has played. IE frame 3 the item is there so I can use it from the frame 3 to the last frame. This is how it works for the _root. If I'm in a clip, the code can be on the first frame with a stop. That means that the Item is on the second frame and has not displayed, but it is accessible by the code.

      Why on the root the item must appear on the frame where the code is or before the code, but if in a clip, the code can works even the item reside on a later frame that will never display because there is a stop on the first one?

      Tanx for your help to understand!
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          I think that this is probably because of how flash streams content. In order for flash to play frame 2 on the timeline, it COMPLETELY loads all the code and assets for that frame (but not frame 3) and then 'plays' that frame. Therefore on the main timeline, code on frame 2 can't access exported clips from frame 3.

          However, if your movie clip is (for example) on frame 4, flash will stream/load everything (including your complete move clip) when the play head reaches that frame, so all assets within that frame are available because in order to even 'play' frame 4, flash has had to load the entire movie clip contents.
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            Nixy Level 1
            That's what I thought.
            Tanx for the confirmation!