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    camera.setquality() - What codec does it use?

      I'm creating a little broadcast application to let me stream live video to media server.

      I'm using setquality to determine the bandwitdh but i was just wondering if anyone out there knew which codec the application will use to do this.

      I know there are 2; VP6 and sorrenson, but there seems to be no way to select which one will be used. Does it depend on the player the application will run in?

      There is an issue here in that; VP6 encoded video can only be viewed by watchers with player 8 or above (I have got that right havent I? Please tell me if not) and the reason for chosing to stream with flash is that there are more people with flash player than windows media player - although if we are talking VP6 and therefore flash player 8+ only, I think the ballance probably shifts to favour Windows media player; Discuss. (but also if anyone can answer the question that would be great)