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    problem latin characters


      We are actually working with Flex and we have some problems to deal with latin characters like áéíóú and ñ. Static texts are correctly shown, but dynamic texts not. These dynamic texts come from the database and are mapped to actionscript objects from java objects. The problem is that latin characters are replaced with white squares.

      We have checked the content of the java objects, printing their content and the texts keep the original charset, so, we think the problem is in the mapping to the actionscript objects.

      We are using RemoteObject and the message protocol amf. We have looked for configuration directives to change the charset but we didn´t success :(

      I know it's a very specific problem, but it you could give me any clue to solve this I would be very pleased.

      Thanks in advance! (Sorry for my english, I hope you could understand everything I wrote).