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    Error in export to Flash MX 2004

    Sushil Bengani

      While exporting to Flash MX 2004 it shows an dialogue box " To export a Captivate movie to flash, you should have Macromedia Flash MX 2004 installed."

      Even though I've Flash MX 2004 already installed on my machine, this error shows. How can I get an FLA output from Captivate ?

      FYI: I am making a screen capture movie like elearning course.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Sushil,
          You cannot get a FLA output from Captivate - period. You will have to find a way to associate Captivate with FL 2004MX, and that may require a reinstallation of Flash (I really don't know, am just guessing about that part).

          Before you do anything that drastic, have you tried pulling instead of pushing? I mean to import Captivate into Flash instead of exporting from Captivate. Open Flash and try the following:

          1) Create "New" Flash document

          2) Go to "File > Import to Stage (or Library)

          3) Look at "Files of Type" and see if "Captivate projects (*.CP) is on the list ...
          . . . . or ... "Adobe Captivate projects (*.cp) if you have Flash Pro 8 available.

          4) Navigate to and open the Captivate project of your choice.

          *Warning!! Some Captivate objects are not compatible with Flash import, so you may not like it when you see it, but I hope this helps you see it. The limitations I mentioned can be found at this link.

          Hope this helps

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            I'm having the same problem. I had Flash 8 and 2004 MX both installed and got the same error message as Sushil. I uninstalled Flash 8, but still get the error message that I need to have Flash 2004 MX installed. This happens when I try to export and Flash MX is open. I can't pull CP files directly into Flash 2004 MX as you suggested. It won't open them.

            Any help is greatly appreciated!
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi gcason,
              Wish I could help. It does work for me, but I have only Flash 8 installed currently. And though I can get the import to Flash to work, Flash's supported elements leave a good part of the Captivate movie behind during import, so I really don't use it in practice.

              Bottom line: Captivate 1.0.1 does not play nice within Flash and you should find a way to do what you want to do without Flash, or work within the limitations of the skimp support offered to this release.

              Bright side: Captivate 2.0 is much more Flash compatible, but again, I try to keep all my own work within the Captivate environment to avoid little (and big) irritations with what is and is not supported - and how well. My own preference is and has always been to use Captivate as a stand-alone SWF generator for eLearning projects.
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                gcason Level 1
                Hi Sushil,

                I solved the import problem. I was being very obstuse. I had Flash MX installed, not Flash MX 2004. <blush>

                Hi Catbandit,

                I wonder if Captivate 2.0 will import a Captivate 1.0 and then export to Flash with the tweens intact? Any idea yet?


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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi Greg

                  Yeah, I know I'm not Larry, but I'm sure he's around and will chime in soon. So why my post? Well, as my wife can attest, I'm rife with "groaner" jokes. And I just couldn't let one like this slide by.

                  "And nary the tween shall meet"

                  I'm hoping Larry is as confused as I am about your statement regarding automatically exporting to Flash when tweens interact. Maybe it's a Flash thing I just don't understand.

                  Okay, back to your regularly scheduled questions and answers!

                  Cheers all... Rick
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                    CatBandit Level 3
                    Hi Guys!

                    Greg said ...

                    I wonder if Captivate 2.0 will import a Captivate 1.0 and then export to Flash with the tweens intact? Any idea yet?]
                    Hey Rick, you only made one mistake (but for you even that is rare). Greg said "with the tweens intact" ... and you read "... when tweens interact.".

                    I'm sure you'll agree that with the clarification, it's not confusing except the extent to which Greg expects or desires that movement of objects - including "transitions"? - in the original Captivate project be preserved after bringing it into Flash 8. As far as CP1 - to - CP2 - to Flash 8 is concerned, CP1 projects seem to me to be converted very well. And moving the (now CP2) project conversion into Flash 8, there is little that won't come along nicely.

                    Yes, Greg, including the tweens, which are preserved for the objects I looked at specifically ... but the right person to answer that question might be Mark (Fletcher) instead of myself. I imported CP movies to Flash 8 only to see if it was being done without the previous loss of non-supported elements (etc.) but I have no intention of actually working with my Captivate projects inside the Flash environment - during beta, now, or ever. I just feel that the power of Captivate is sufficient for my purposes, and importing it to Flash 8 would accomplish little except to put the horse in hen-house. (That makes perfect sense to me, and is greatly humorous as well; but if you don't "get it", I don't think I can explain it.