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    load one .swf from within another

      I have a .swf file in which I would like to have various other .swf files open separately at various points. For instance, this is an instructional .swf. If someone misses a question three times, the help.swf opens.

      The .swf files are not in .html pages, they are standalone and will all be stored in the same folder. I am using the code:

      loadMovie("Chem12Project_balance1.swf", _blank);

      The new .swf that I call opens within the same window that the original .swf was in. I want it to be a totally separate window so that when the viewer is done watching the help.swf, they can simply close that window and continue with what they were doing.

      Is this possible? Do the .swf's need to be within .html pages for this to work? Am I missing something?