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    Memory usage incrementally increasing between movies

      I have authored quite a big application with maybe 20 seperate movies that the user can move between to play various games, etc.
      Recently noticed that memory usage is incrementally increasing as different movies are navigated to.
      I thought this might be my poor coding within movies, but when I did a test flicking back and fore between two very simple movies from a stub projector, I also see that the app is gradually increasing its memory load untill I minimize, after which the memory goes right down, but starts to climb again as soon as I start flicking between the movies again.
      I've tried _movie.unLoadMovie() at each 'go to movie' but it doesnt clear the problem. On small apps, the usage climbs by just 50-100K per movie, but on my big app with lots of external casts, can be 2Mb each time!
      Wonder if anyone has a reliable way of forcing the player to purge the memory between movies?