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    Tweening Roll Over Button

      I am having trouble finding a way to create a tween to a roll over button.

      I can add the create motion tween in the up and over mode but is does not run.

      Any sollutions would be appreciated.

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          Walter Elias Level 2
          You can't do that sort of thing inside a button, as far as I'm aware. Best way to do it is to make a movie clip, not a button. Put your tweens on the movie clip timeline, place stop actions at the places where you want the rollover, press and release events to happen, then apply action script either attached to the movie clip or the main timeline. If you're not sure what scripting to use, use your Flash Help files to look up onRollover, onRollOut, onPress and onRelease.
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            ghi572000 Level 1
            Walter thanks for the info. I worked out what I wanted to do. On the rolled over image I wanted a tween to run, what I did was once I created the button, on the roll over mode I then made the object a movie clip and added the tween to this. Hope you can understande this anyway thanks for your help.