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    Buttons not always working

      Hello everybody,

      I have created a new website for someone, and I use two swf files which are connected to eachother using LocalConnection.

      Everything seems to be working fine.. it's just that randomly the buttons on the bottom of the page sometimes stop working. It doesn't seem to trigger a connection to the other swf file then.

      The website is in dutch, and is in a temp folder:

      The buttons on the bottom of the page uses the code attached to this message.

      The other SWF file uses:

      incoming_lc = new LocalConnection();
      incoming_lc.methodToExecute = function(param) {

      My question is, what can be causing this random problem?

      If you visite the site and click some buttons, after a short time you'll see what I mean.

      I'm new to actionscript.. don't attack me if its something stupid ;)