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    Flex profiler questions

    john isaacks Level 1
      Is there anyway to tell WHY an instance of a class is trapped in memory?

      So I discovered the flex builder profiler yesterday. I have never used something like that before, and I am now aware that many of the instaces I thought I was clearing for garbage collection are NOT being garbage collected.

      I have been trying for a whole day now and I am still trying to get rid of the excess instances of the same class I started with.

      So I made an interface called IDestroyable, which has one function destroy() which first loops through all its children and sets them to null and if they implement IDestroyable then call destroy on them as well. Then it removes all its own event listeners. and set the instance and all its children and grand children to implement IDestroyable.

      Yet all my work has been for nothing because the instances are STILL trapped in memory.