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    how to send a file via e-mail with director

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      Is it even possible to have a button in a free-standing projector that would send a file via e-mail, or open up an e-mail program and have the file attached and addressed? Or is it possible to put a file on a server? Of course, both of these methods would alert the user and ask for their permission.
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          To just open the user's email program, you can use the standard lingo:


          That approach is kind of annoying because it actually opens an empty
          browser window then the user's email program. I don't think you can use
          that approach to send attachments though.

          A much better way is the fabulous DirectEmail xtra from DirectXtras.
          Check out their site:

          DirectEmail can do everything you are asking for (and more). It is
          cross-platform, shockwave safe, can handle text or HTML email, can do
          attachments, can use a mail server or not, and is really easy to use.

          The same company makes DirectFTP which you can get from:

          DirectFTP can put files onto an FTP site with a minimum of fuss. I have
          used both on quite a few occasions and they rock. You can actually
          write a full-fledged email or ftp program with those xtras and Director.