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    Changing the default zoom-behaviour of the Flash Authoring Environment

      I'm in search of a possibility to get back the old style of zooming-in as it used to work in Flash 5. The difference is, that when I zoom-in with the keyboard-shortcut, Flash 8 will now center the view to the current object's center. When I work on peripheral areas of an object at high zoom-factors, zooming-in will throw me back to the center, so I have to scroll every time. Back in Flash 5 zooming-in didn't center the view to the object, instead it kept using the current view's center (as Photoshop or Illustrator do as well).

      Since i haven't found any options to change this behaviour, I think about writing my own JSFL-Funtion, that just zooms into the current view. Actually it seems as if there are no methods for handling a documents's current view like scrolling to a specified position and calculating the size of the view.
      I think I'd need some kind of fl.getDocumentDOM().scrollTo(x,y) or something.
      Does anyone has a hint or an idea how this could be accomplished?

      Thanks a lot for helping!