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    Blank ComboBox

    Bhanu Shankar Level 1
      I am using Flash 8.

      Say I have 3 datas in the ComboBox - "one, two and three". We find that in SWF "one" is seen in the ComboBox even though the user hasn't selected the data from the ComboBox. "one" has become the default selection in the CoomboBox.

      I want the ComboBox component to be empty when swf is run. But I don't want the empty thing also to be shown when the dropdown is clicked.
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          eabowler Level 1

          bump. I have the same issue.

          I have a combo box with items in it. However when I clicked the drop down arrow. it drops down x amount of objects its just as if the font is white (its not) if i click on one of the blank objects, the combo box will collapse and that value will appear in the text area of the combo box.

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            that's frequently caused by have more than one combobox with the same instance name.

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              eabowler Level 1

              thanks for the fast response. i just double checked and nope its id is unique 'lstTypes'.  In addition I only have a textbox id='nodename', cancel button, and ok button.


              Any other thoughts perhaps?

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                id usually means linkage id.  that's not the same as instance name.

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                  eabowler Level 1

                  Well I fould the solution to my problem. I was creating a combo box on a popup window/component.  I was data binding it to a variable in its parent.

                  The way i fixed this was to copy the value in the parents arraycollection into a local bindable vairable.  That new local variable was the new binded variable.


                  My hypothesis why this happens is because though it was bound, because this new component/window hadnt been created/initialzed yetthe binding was some-how fawl(not current). I also think that if the previously bounded data in the parent would have changed this would of updated the child binding and the combo box would have displayed correct values...

                  All in theory, don't have the time to test it now that I have this working.



                  Good Luck to anyone that approaches this problem, hope this helps.