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    I am Confused at this:

    thenotorious_flag Level 1
      I have an AJAx Delete Staement. Which runs quite good but i have used confrim dialog box of javascript to ask for confirm. But if i say NO in confirm it still delete the record:

      I am doing something so wrong buut u not find what:

      can u guys please help me doing this:

      function deleteSponsorGroup() {
      var proxyDeleteJokeGroup = new deleteSponsor();

      var selectedID = ColdFusion.getElementValue('sponsorsGrid','sponsorslist','sponsorID');
      // alert(selectedID);
      confirmDelete = confirm('Are you absolutely certain that you want to Delete the selected record?');

      and if i click YES/NO a cfc is executed as:

      <cfajaxproxy cfc="cfc.ad" jsclassname="deleteSponsor">