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    Bad audio recording

      Hey there,

      Strange problem with Captivate 1.01, that's happened on two different PC with different microphones.

      Was working with a file and adding/recording new audio for some slides .. all working well then without warning every time I recorded the audio it’s recorded noise..

      Worked ok, moved to next slide press record and no go (no settings changes, <30secs later).

      If I record audio with screen capture it works fine .. loud and clear … add audio after, no love…

      Re-installed application, audio drivers, purchased a new mic… and still, records ok if capture both, but not if I only record audio alone. (and it worked before now doesn't, again no settings changed)

      ??? any one had the same problem..

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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello Paul,

          In this first instance I would suggest that you export the audio files that contain noise and listen to them using Windows built-in sound recorder applet - Sound Recorder, to do this follow these steps:

          Exporting Captivate audio
          1. Choose Audio > Advanced audio...
          2. Select the file(s) you want to export (to select multiple fies hold down the Ctrl key)
          3. Click Export

          Playing the audio files.
          1. Choose Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder
          2. File > Open
          3. Browse to select the desired file and click Open
          4. Press the Spacebar.

          Can you still hear just noise? Also did you record the audio using Captivate's built-in audio recorder or did you use a third-party application?