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    Image scaling: best practices

      I'm hoping that someone can tell me best practices for scaling an image, in particular a screenshot with text and graphics (I'm creating a tutorial.)

      1. What is the best type of image to use: gif, jpeg, png, swf, other?
      2. Should you keep the image a bitmap or make it a symbol?
      3. If a symbol, what kind: graphic or movie clip?
      4. I understand that for a bitmap you should check "allow smoothing." Will that also affect the symbol made from the bitmap?
      5. What is the maximum percentage to scale up and down?
      6. I also learned to use "quality/best" coding in the first frame of the flash movie. Are there any other tricks like that?

      Thank you so much. This is making me nuts. You see this effect everywhere, but I can’t seem to get mine to look good.