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    Dynamic content in scroll pane component

    Bob Pierce Level 1
      As far as I can see, the contentPath for a scroll pane component can only point to a movie clip in the library, not to an instance on stage. Does this mean that the content can only be something created during authoring with no possibility of modifying it in Actionscript?
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          jimathy Level 1
          Did you ever get a reply to your message. I am loading an external swf file into the scroll pane component. Then using the calander when you select a data I am calling a function in the loaded swf file to import and display an xml file. The problem is the scroll pane doesn't resize to fit the new content so there is no vertical scroller when the user needs it. When I try to call my function
          the pane just reloads the swf file not the currently loaded content ever find a solution??????????
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            Bob Pierce Level 1
            No, I had no reply and eventually wrote my own scroll pane solution which allows me to directly modify the pane's content with ActionScript and update the scroll bar to reflect any change in the content's size. I'm puzzled by the help file's example in ScrollPane.refreshPane() because it describes a senario where:

            "for example, you've loaded a form into a scroll pane and an input property (for example, a text field) has been changed by ActionScript. In this case, you would call refreshPane() to reload the same form with the new values for the input properties."

            Which implies that you can use ActionScript to change the content then reload it. The help file on ScrollPane.contentPath is not very clear about what content can be used but appears to say that the only content types allowed are: a SWF or JPEG loaded via its URL or a symbol in the current library. I don't see how you could use ActionScript to change any of these. I've tried specifying an on-stage instance as the content but that fails.