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    Stage follows MC

    Felt_Graphics Level 1
      im looking to create a flash movie where the user selects 4 different menu options, each option will load/attach a different MC.
      now what im trying to do is when the MC is attached there is a path inside the stage with a upwards motion.
      what I want is for the stage (viewable area) to follow this path on an upwards motion with an tree animation growing, so it looks like the tree is growing - im guessing this is done by controling the x,y cords.

      then when the user selects a different menu option, it attaches the MC assigned to it and then the growing motion is done again, so the tree just keeps on moving upwards with every click.

      ive had a look around and found some tutorials on attaching MC's to a path,
      but nothing about where the MC controls the x and y of the stage so it moves it.

      ive also found this website that is a little like I want, but I want to get an upwards motion only

      any help would be cool as ive spent hours looking for tutorials!
      as I note im using flash MX 2004
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          abeall Level 3
          You can modify the _root properties, because in most regards the _root is just an instance of the MovieClip class.

          However, depending on what you're doing, this might not be such a good idea, because then you lose the ability to put anything anywhere in your movie without it being moved by your growing tree. I would put your tree thing in a container MovieClip, and modify the container_mc's _x and _y.

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            Felt_Graphics Level 1
            thanks for the reply abeall,
            I sort of get what you mean (yes thats right im not that good at flash)
            I think I would put all the content in the relevant MC,
            so lets say that the user clicked 'portfolio'
            it then attached the relivant MC that did its path animation so it moved the _x and _y, at then end of the path guide animation in the time would be the content.

            so it moves first, then displays all content after the move has completed.
            then maybe assign something to stop all movement???????

            im guessing that all this just exsits in my head and isnt actually possable, but im sure it is?
            just need help!!!! :(

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              abeall Level 3
              I'm sure it's possible. I'm not sure what exactly you want to do, but I get the basic idea. I would say you sahould first focus on making the growth to work how you want it. After that, you can focus on making a 'camera' follow the growth.

              Have you gotten the growth working?