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    Director and Flash Paper

    Yiendos Level 1
      Hi Adobe forums,

      I've just about putting the finishing touches together for an interactive CD at work using director 1.0.11. I've provided users with a print button that then in theory should open the corresponding flash paper file and then the user can just print out what ever he or she wants.

      Don't ask me why I used flash paper over pdf, it was something new and I wanted to try it out. It works fine on my machine but when I burn the projector and accompanying swf and xtra folder to cd it won't work on other machines.

      I'm guessing this is a Flash Xtra problem, but I've already selected Flash Assest and Flash Asset Options X32 via modify > movies > xtras but this doesn't seem to solve the problem. To handle the opening of this file I've also downloaded and installed BuddApi as well.

      Here's the code I use to open the swf file:
      property pFile
      global gDelimiter

      on getPropertyDescriptionList
      description = [:]
      addProp description,#pFile, \
      [#default:"test.swf", \
      #format:#string, \
      #comment:"Type the full filename to open: Example: test.swf"]

      return description

      on mouseEnter me
      -- sets the cursor to the hand
      cursor 280

      on mouseLeave me
      -- sets the cursor to default
      cursor -1

      on mouseUp me
      --- setting the file path to go to, you need to put your folder name or file structure in.
      --- the moviepath is the path to the actual .exe file. So you just need to
      --- add the structure from that point on. In the below case there is a
      ---folder called "pdf_files" in the same directory as the .exe

      sPath = the moviePath & "swf_files" & gDelimiter & pFile

      --- & is simply appending each item, so it is appending pdf_files to the
      ---existing path, and then appending
      --- gDelimiter which is either a \ or : and then finally appending the name of
      ---your file

      baOpenFile(sPath, "Maximised")

      --- buddyAPI command you will have to download and install buddy API
      ---Xtra. It is free, do a google search for BuddyAPI and the site will come
      ---up, simply download the appropriate version and place in your Xtras

      cursor -1

      If anybody could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.
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          > baOpenFile(sPath, "Maximised")

          It's probably because there is no application registered on your
          end-user's systems for dealing with swf files.
          A clue is to check the value returned by baOpenFile() - if you check the
          docs there is a list of numbers and corresponding error conditions they
          refer to.
          OK = baOpenFile(sPath, "Maximised")
          if OK < 32 then
          -- error occurred:
          alert "Error opening file:" && OK
          end if
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            Yiendos Level 1
            Thats the strange thing, at work all machines are set up the same way via an image ripped down to them when they are first configured. Part of the standard desktop image is the Flash Plugin.

            For some strange reason the .swf file isn't recognised on the CD. Drag the associated file to the users computer and the file is recognised.

            I'll give the error reporting alert a try and feedback the results. It might be that I just have to embed the Flash Paper within the Director Projector.

            If anybody else has any ideas I would be very grateful.