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    Passing a variable.

    crazyjoemilan Level 2
      Okay, so I need to load a variable from the "container" (the variable is called t_text0,t_text1,t_text2 etc.)
      I neet to load it into a movieclip I create in the same for() loop, called mp_1,mp_2,mp_3 etc...

      So here is the code I have in there right now....
      _root[mp_kV].varToLoad = "container.t_text"+j;
      ....but that just returns "container.t_text0" (or higher) and not the actual variable stored in container.t_text0.

      I tried...
      _root[mp_kV].varToLoad = container["t_text"]+j;
      ...but that didn't pan out at all. (undefined)

      Make sense?