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    Restricting Access to CFX

    Level 7
      I was looking into implementing some of the resources of the IHTK
      toolkit on a web development project I am working on. The tools that
      are in the CFX package are extremely powerful and enable some very
      scary possibilities for hackers.

      I have been unable to locate any resources for restricting access of a
      CFX tag. Is there any way that I can restrict access to a CFX tag from
      only one IP address, one page script, or one directory? I want to be
      able to use some of the features of this tag but I do not want them
      available to any script running anywhere. I have other CFX tags that I
      do want to be able to be used anywhere, so I need the security to be
      restricted to only specific tags.

      I am running CFMX 7 Pro.