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      Hey Guys,
      In captivate is it possible to record video e.g media player playing video?
      Also when capturing a tool like instant messenger and i click send to send message captivate will stop capturing is there a way around this?

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Mark,
          To your first question, some have reported success at capturing "video" using Captivate's "full-motion" capture (AVI), but it isn't really recommended as a "best practice".

          To your second question: Don't click the IM "Send" button if it is causing problems. Just position the mouse cursor over the "Send" button, then press the "PrtScr" key to create a capture without actually clicking that button. This may or may not work but I think it will work, because the only thing that happens after clicking "Send" with most IMs is that the system reports the message has been sent, and returns you to where you were before clicking --- so I think it will work.

          Have a nice day!