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    need help with buttons that react to rollover that create a scoll effect

      hey everyone,

      I'm new to flash and actionscript and am having trouble creating what I need. I want to create a scroll area that scrolls left and right when you rollover a left or right arrow. what I want to scroll looks like a piece of film negative that has about 20 thumbnails in it. I only want it to show about 4 thumbs at once though (thus the scroll is needed). so when the mouse rolls over the arrows, it scrolls, and when it rolls out it stops in place. eventually, i will add links to the thumbs for a better image.

      I've checked out a couple tutorials on scrollbars and such thinking that I can just go in and modify the code a bit, but the two turorials i've tried to do have left some of the pieces out... not very helpful when you don't know actionscript well. does anybody have any tips or ideas?