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    Issues viewing/making working buttons in Flash 8

      I'm new to the forum and still learing Flash but have more than the basic concept down. I am putting together a mostly HTML site through Dreamweaver 8 but I am using some Flash elements to make navigation within the site. I am getting complaints from my client that when ever they roll over any flash item the entire frame I placed the Flash file into highlights. The other issue is that when the client clicks on a button (the button uses the action script - geturl) he is jumped to the top of that same page but is not taken to the url I desiginated until after clicking on the button a second time.

      Both of these issues are difficult for me to fix because not only am I not seeing them on mac browsers (Internet Explorer or Safari) I am not seeing them on PC browsers either (Internet Explorer or Netscape). My client is running Internet Explorer on a PC. Can either issue be fixed, is this an isolated incident? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.