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    SQL Server falling asleep?

      We've developed a site that works as expected in our development environment (CFMX7/SQL Server 2000), but is acting strangely in a customer's production environment (CFMX7/SQL Server 2005) -- note difference in db version.

      It seems like the database "falls asleep" during a period of inactivity. If the site isn't hit for awhile (it's in beta, so there are long periods where no one hits the site), the first person to hit the site will get a "timeout trying to establish connection" error (not a "query exceeded allowable time" error) when running the first encountered query. And it will continue to give that error for almost exactly 10 minutes. Then, the site will come up fine and work as expected ... until the next period of extended inactivity.

      I've never encountered this before and I'm at a loss.

      Can anyone at least send me down a road of things to look at? I did run through Ben's SQL Server 2005 things to check and those are implemented ... and remember, it doesn't always die on connecting to db, just the first time after an extended period of inactivity.

      I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.