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    Tooltips regession ; do not work as in 1.5 ?

      Hello, I am still porting my application from Flex 1.5 to Flex 2
      Previously, I used a feature of Flex to display help tooltips on top of tabs (in a TabNavigator), or on top of accordion headers.
      I did set the tooltip property on the container inside the tab, and even if that tab was not active, I had the tooltip displayed on top of this tab, which is what I wanted to create some user help on the application.
      In Flex 2.0 now, this behaviour seems to have changed : the tooltip does not display on top of non-active tabls, instead, they are only displayed on the component inside the tab, when it is active.
      This is a problem for me, because you have to open all tabs to know what they are for, and this is not user-friendly at all.

      Is it a bug ? A regression ? Is there some workaround ?
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          kohinoor75 Level 1
          OOps; replying my own question. Actually, it works as before.
          The problem is that due to instanciation order change in Flex2, my previous code does not work anymore.
          I had tooltips in an external XML file, and every invividual component contained in a tab was initialized with its right tooltip, given by my own TooltipManager, that was an XML component.
          When components tooltips are set early in the instanciation process, their tooltips are "uploaded" to their containing tabs (or accordions headers), if any
          In my present case, the custom XML components for loading tooltips is initalized and loaded AFTER the more internal components use it, and so there tooltips are empty, because XML file has not been read yet.
          And if I process tooltips in the creationComplete of my application, then the tooltips are not "uploaded" to the enclosing tabs.
          I know, this thing is quite ugly, but its all I have... I am really bored and upset, sorry
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            kohinoor75 Level 1
            HEre is a small demonstration of the behaviour described in the previous post.
            The 2 first tabs, where tooltip is initialized early display on top of tabs, the las one, created later does not.

            How to "upload" the late-created tooltips on ther parent container ?

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" creationComplete="onCreationComplete()">

            private function onCreationComplete() : void
            tab3.toolTip="I do not display on the tab" ;

            <mx:TabNavigator width="100%" height="100%">
            <mx:Canvas label="1" toolTip="canvas, displayed on the tab"/>
            <mx:Panel label="2" toolTip="panel, displayed on the tab"/>
            <mx:VBox id="tab3" label="3" />