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    Video Crossfades in Flash 8

      I'm trying to achieve a video crossfade, and I think I should be able to do this where the movie in an upper layer has it's _alpha property changed via a timer (although I'll gladly try any other method).

      I import a video, whether avi or flv, it doesn't seem to matter, or I create a new video instance using the library, but in all cases, once I set the ._alpha property in actionscript, the video stops playing. It doesn't matter if I do this in the first frame, or the Nth frame, as soon as I try to set the property, I see the alpha carried out, but I'm looking at a still image, and the video has stopped playing. What am I missing?

      Incidentally, I can do fades to black and fades with an image by tweening an object in a layer above the video, so that works fine. I just can't get this crossfade to work.

      Thank you, -Gary.