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    ScrollPane Border


      I have created a ScrollPane area in my Flash 8 file. It always appears with a grey border, is there an option that let's you remove this?

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          keithybhoy Level 1

          Can anyone help me on this? I cannot find a way to remove the border from a ScrollPane area in my Flash file.

          Any help would be appreciated.
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            itsmenorman Level 1
            hi keithybhoy,

            i'm sure did u found already d answer to ur problem, f u don't mind can u pls share it to me? specifically the code on how to remove d border.

            can u give me the complete code of yours? because i knw already d code but i didn't knw wer to put it. wer s d ryt place to put dis code?

            hope u help me coz t mkes me mad and i nid it really badly to my project