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    Re: DW8_802_update_en.exe

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      Vista x64 is by far the most reliable and safest OS I've used. I have
      WinXP on my laptop and an IBM refurbished machine, but I rarely use
      them. Vista x64 runs 300% better than Vista x86. WinXP Pro might have
      been good, but this machine doesn’t have that option (drivers).
      I bought a medium-grade gaming computer, a Dell XPS 630i, and Vista x64
      brought out the tiger in the tank! I only have the x86 version of Vista
      on the other OEM hard drive in case I need a reminder why x64 is so much
      better. Performance, stability, safety, functionality are what is most
      important to me; Vista x64 has all that and more.

      Back to my point of the post here: I thank you for posting the
      Unwrapped Version of the 8.0.2 updater, as I was about to pull what
      remaining hair I had left trying to get the updater to work. Now I can
      go put UAC back on and get to work.

      I'm an older college graduate (went back for retraining) and we were
      taught web design and dynamic web design from Notepad, yet we used
      Dreamweaver basic suite version 8 in class. I have my Dreamweaver &
      Fireworks books as well, so I prefer to use this program.

      I just cannot afford the latest & greatest Dreamweaver/Fireworks
      programs. So version 8.0.2 will just have to do, unless I hit the
      lottery or inherit a small fortune.
      That, and when I tried the newer version of Dreamweaver, it seems to be
      of more a watered-down and hacked version of version 8. Many settings we
      used (in four college courses) were missing from the Adobe CS9 version.
      Version 8 is more user and designer friendly, and doesn’t have missing

      I know one option was for tables, and I tried to help another older
      classmate get the copied part installed in his Vista x86 version 8
      install, just so he could have direct control like we used in version 8
      on the college computers. He eventually installed the version 8 and gave
      up on CS9, as did the rest of the classes.
      Function > Latest & Greatest.