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    SWF file crashes

      This is a very serious issue for flash users.
      Im working on a project which needs flash and javascript integration.I use External Interface API for the communication.
      I have no problem in passing the values between flash and javascript.
      When i try to call a HTML function(which opens a pop-up window) from flash,
      the SWF file slows down and gets hanged
      The HTML code is
      function uploadinHTML()

      When i replace the pop-up window code with any other code the system works without getting hanged.
      The SWF filw slows down only when i try to open a pop-up window.
      I can't find what the problem is.Has any one of you guys heard about this before.
      I badly need a way to solve thhis problem.
      some one please help me

      thanks in advance