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    Browser Issues

    ewon15 Level 1
      I put my main swf file into an html page and then also tried it in an asp page. The main movie loads fine but i have an external swf that loads into the main movie and it sometimes loads in and sometimes does not. Has anyone heard of this type of problem before and has a solution? I can't even think of why it would do that...Please help! It occurs in both I.E. and Firefox...
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          zech3 Level 1

          That's a bit odd. I don't think I could explain that. Have you tried it from PC and Mac? on Safari? Netscape? What's the url and I'll give it a look.

          I'm actually having a similar (or parallel) problem. My swf loads and plays fine in all browsers (seemingly) except in IE5/6 from XP and XPpro. In that case, it loads frame1 but then gets stuck there and won't even get to the preloader in fr2. Very bizarre and causing me incredible headaches. Have you ever seen this?

          EDIT- Actually it's not loading at all. It just sitting there waiting to load. I tried using various ways to embed the file, but it still hasn't worked. Here's the URL if you're curious...

          My other problem is that in FireFox, the main movie loads, but like your problem, it won't load external files into the main movie- whether swf's, jpg's, etc...