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    Bug in Dashboard Example?

      The xml data for Jan-04 is:

      <month name="Jan-04" revenue="400263" average="80052">
      <region name="APAC" revenue="46130"/>
      <region name="Europe" revenue="106976"/>
      <region name="Japan" revenue="79554"/>
      <region name="Latin America" revenue="39252"/>
      <region name="North America" revenue="128351"/>

      In the Revenue Timeline data grid the "Average Across Regions" reads $80,052 for Jan - 04 as it should from the XML. In the Region Details data grid the Jan - 04 "Average Across Regions" read $80,052.6! Where does the .6 come from? Most of the "Average Across Regions" in the Region Details data grid and at least one decimal number added for reasons that I can't see. Any ideas?