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      am using a rich text editor component for flash, which allows text to change size, be made bold, italicized, etc...
      it works along with a textField created at runtime.
      it worked fine with default text,
      now i have embedded my font (i put it in the library, gave it a linkage id, then used "myText.embedFonts = true;")
      now the bold and italics dont work. (i have tried turning the "font symbol properties" on and off for "bold" and "italic" on the "properties" panel when i right-click the font in the library, but that just allows the textField to have all or nothing, not to change between the two options...)
      any ideas?
      thank you
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          aniebel Level 2
          If you use embedded fonts with a variety of styles in your text fields, you must embed the style that you want to use. For example, if you're using an embedded font called Times, and then want a word to be italic, you must make sure to embed both the normal and italic character outlines. Otherwise, the text won't appear in the text field.
          (taken from the Help)
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            yarkehsiow Level 1
            yes, i read that too, but what does it mean in practical terms?

            this is what i have:
            myInit = new Object();
            myInit["_targetInstanceName"] = "tfCustomText";
            myInit["defaultBold"] = true;
            myInit["defaultItalic"] = false;
            myInit["defaultFont"] = "nmcFont";

            so how can i make another instance of the same "nmcFont" font that will allow the user to switch between italic/ non-italic?
            please let me know if i need to include more info here... not quite sure.