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    Problems with up button for scrolling movie clip. Please help!

    Spindrift Level 1
      Hi guys,

      I'm having problems with an 'up' button for scrolling a movieclip - the down button and drag seems to be working fine though.

      I followed a tutorial on kirupa exactly so I can't work out why this problem is occouring. What happens is, is if you go to a page and click the 'up' button, the text within the movie clip goes all blurry and the movie clip itself just jumps up to a random point which I can't understand.

      Would someone mind please taking a look at my .fla (Flash 8 file) to see if they can find out what's causing the problem? - a running example of the site can be found at www.petersnowdon.com/snowy.php - if you go to say the 'profile' section or the FIA GT gallery, you should see what I'm on about.

      The fla is at www.spindriftmedia.com/snowy.fla and the applicable layers are 'scrollactions', 'scroll_stuff', 'scroll_mask' and 'content'.

      Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.

      All the best,