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    Webhelp Toolbar Height Issues

      Hi all! Would love some insight to the following issue.

      I have a WebHelp system generated with X5 that uses a custom skin. The custom skin contains 3 buttons in the main navigation bar across the top that I've added (Print, Next, Previous) that all work!

      Now, I'd like to have the text for all buttons in the navigation bar display below the button names. I've successfully made that happen thanks to Skinny On Skins. However, now the buttons are cut off on the bottom. I also followed the instructions in Skinny on Skins regarding altering the WebHelp toolbar height.... to no avail.

      The provided instructions, which indicate to increase the Frameset Rows number in the actual skin file using a text editor only seems to work on the Default skin. If I try the exact same fix on my custom skin, the toolbar remains the same hight. If I add a custom button to the Default skin, the toolbar height goes back to the original size, even when the actual .skn file contains the increased spacing.

      Any ideas?

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          HKabaker Level 2
          Are you increasing the number of frameset rows in a WebHelp output file, or in the skin file inside the RH project?

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            Hkrein Level 1
            I'm changing the number of Frameset rows in the .skn file that lives in the !SkinSubFolder! using a txt editor. I couldn't find a place in the Skin editor within RoboHelp that allowd me to change the frameset properties.

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              HKabaker Level 2
              Look in the output file myproject.htm; in other words, the WebHelp launch file. This is what sets up the WebHelp window, with references to parameters and scripts in several other output files.

              Look for these lines:
              . . . . .
              var strHTML = "<frameset rows=\"150,*\" hostof=\"parent:toolbar!startpage:yes\" frameborder=\"0\" border=\"50\"><frame src=\"whskin_tbars.htm\" id=\"toolbar\" frameborder=\"0\" border=\"0\" scrolling=\"no\" noresize marginheight=\"25\" marginwidth=\"0\" title=\"Toolbar\"></frame> . . . . .

              Of course, the numbers in your file will be different.

              frameset rows sets the height of the main toolbar. If you are using the default buttons for Contents, etc., RH will stretch their rectangular outlines vertically.

              border=\"50\" inserts an empty space under the main toolbar, lowering the left and topic panes.

              You probably should modify both border parameters because they serve different browsers (I think).

              marginheight=\"25\" adds a margin above the buttons, the same color or pattern as the rest of the toolbar background.

              I don't know what this will do to your layout with buttons beneath the text.

              Please post back with results.

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                Hkrein Level 1
                Harvey - Increasing the frameset rows number in this text gave me exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for your help!

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                  I have been using FrameMaker 7.1 and WebWorks Publisher but am investigating swtiching to RoboHelp to generate my WebHelp. One thing that draws me to RoboHelp is the ease and flexibility in custom layout and style. However, I've noticed that many of the custom skin solutions (such as this one) require modifying the output files, which are then overwritten every time I regenerate. Is there a way to increase the height of the toolbar so that the new height persists even when I regenerate the project? I read the Skinny on Skins, however, modifying the actual skn file of a custom skin doesn't seem to have any affect. Any ideas?

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi eeaster and welcome to our community

                    There are several "seed" files that are used during the process of generating WebHelp. Assuming you wish each and every project you create to have the same settings, you should be able to modify one or more of these files to accomplish what you need.

                    Cheers... Rick