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    Flash Tree Component embedded in html file

      I have a Tree component embedded in a html file that access external site files such as a *.doc file or a *.pdf file... When I test / click on the nodes in my tree on the local site the files are accessed with no problem, when I publish to the Web server the links do NOT open the files? All the same drives exist on the Web server as do locally ? Any thoughts or things that I can try? Included is the xml file which is my data souce for the files. Also the links to direct urls work fine both locally and on the web server, it just seems the links to files do work on the Web server

      Thanks Dave!

      <node label="Training Information" data="">
      <node label="HP Learning Center" url=" http://h30187.www3.hp.com" />
      <node label="HP Class Schedule" url=" http://h30187.www3.hp.com/all_courses.jsp"/>
      <node label="Excel Charting Tips" data="IT Web Docs/Advanced Tips and Tricks for Excel Charting.wmv" />
      <node label="Email Contacts" url="P|/IT information/Tips/Contacts - Keeping track.doc" />
      <node label="Assigning Tasks in Outlook" data="IT Web Docs/Assigning and tracking tasks in Outlook.doc" />
      <node label="Technical Documentation" data="">
      <node label="myMCC Info Guide" data="IT Web Docs/MyMccIntro.pdf" />
      <node label="MCC Webex Guide" data="IT Web Docs/MCCWebex.pdf" />
      <node label="Scudder Access Guide " data="IT Web Docs/AccessDWS-Scudder.pdf" />
      <node label="VPN Install Guide" data="IT Web Docs/MCCCitrixAccessGatewayVPN-Install.pdf" />
      <node label="VPN User Guide" data="IT Web Docs/MCCCitrixAccessGatewayVPN-Use.pdf" />
      <node label="Samsung i830 Guide" data="IT Web Docs/Samsung_i830_User_Guide.pdf" />
      <node label="Treo 700w Guide" data="IT Web Docs/treo_700w_user_manual.pdf" />