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    checkbox/showtext if checked

    Coldfusionstudent Level 1
      I have a question regarding changes in my final form.
      To summerize what I did : I have 3 groups of radio buttonCwc/Cwnc Conform/Nonconform And For Dir/Board
      This is what I did to write this. I created 4 forms which satisfies the first t2 groups of radio buttons CwcorCwnc, ConformorNonconformThen I created a condition statement in each of the form . if the choose board then a board message will show and vice versa the dir . Here is my problem. The message in board or dir needs to have check boxes and if the check boxes are checked then it shows in another page ( or cfinclude again) .. how do I do this?????
      Below is the code I have written. Most of the complex part is subtracted.