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    Embedding fonts

    Leao16 Level 1
      I have a dynamic text box that retrieves text from an HTML page using the attached code. The only problem is that normally I can use rare fonts in Flash even if the viewer doesn't have them installed on their computer as they are automatically embedded into the .swf file. This doesn't seem to work when using the attached script. The type turns into a standard font such as Arial when viewed on a computer that doesn't have the rare Codex font I originally set it in. Do you have any ideas?

      Many thanks,

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          aniebel Level 2
          Yeah, you have to manually embed the fonts. You can add them to your library or embed them in the properties panel. I've even cheated when all else fails and type the alphabet (upper and lower case) and numbers in a static text box off stage and embedded them via the properties panel but that's not really necessary.
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            Leao16 Level 1
            Thanks, the font is presumably already embedded into the .swf as I have used the font as static text elsewhere. Do I need to embed it two times?

            I tried embedding the font using the properties panel and selecting All glyphs but that didn't work. I tried to import it into the library but that too didn't work as it wouldn't let me select the font from my computer's library. Any ideas?

            Many thanks, Leao
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              using static text doesn't embed a font.
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                the easiest way to embed a font is to add a dynamic textfield (with that font embedded) in the authoring environment. if you want to use actionscript to embed a font there are several steps.