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    Freeze Recording

    stargirl62651 Level 1
      Hello all,

      I've been itnroduced to Captivate a while back and it has presented quite a few problems when I would record (or when my boss would record) movies. One that she faces quite often is Captivate freezing in the middle of recording and suddenly self-exiting the program, therefore losing a good recording or a good movie. Can someone tell me what's going on with it that makes it so buggy?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          It is possible the computer you (or boss) are using does not have sufficient resources for what you are attempting to do.

          It is also possible that you are shutting down not because of Captivate, but because you are "clicking" something on the target application that is causing the system to lock up.

          It is also possible that the machine has another program in memory that is conflicting with Captivate's efforts to log keystrokes. This may be something that you or the boss uses regularly and knows about, or it could be something as insidious as "malware" that should be removed from the computer system (by a malware program like PCTools "Spyware Doctor").

          This last is kind of a duplication of my first suggestion, but it is possible you or the boss are creating movies that are too large for your development machine to handle - too large can mean in pixels, or as in too many screen background captures. Remember, Captivate demands a lot for audio and for video.

          Suggestion: Try turning off all "automatic" capture features, and see if you have more success just pressing the PrtScr key when you want a background captured. In other words, in the "Recording" dialog, turn off "Enable Auto-recording", as well as "Automatically use full motion capture for drag and drop actions" (from the "Full Motion Recording" tab). That experiment might tell you more about where the problem is . . .

          Have a nice day!
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            stargirl62651 Level 1
            I definately will try turning off the auto things to see if I get better resutls. However, the movie itself is (at most) 70 slides long with a 714x415 resolution. And yet it still lags in sound since the pictures seem to lag towards the middle of the movie. The computer we're using are brand new and baerly anything is on it. We did that to make sure that captivate runs smoothly.

            I hope the next version of Captivate fixes up the lag.