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    Problems on compile


      I'm using Robohelp X-5 for Word and compiling an HTML output. I've twice had a problem with projects where you compile and get a compile complete wessage without generating the .chm file.

      After a bit of detective work I've isolated the problem with the second project as being a single jpeg image. Remove it and the project compiles OK; add it in and the compile fails.

      There is nothing obviously wrong with the jpeg image, (produced with Corel Photo-Paint 7). It opens OK in Corel, and in a couple of other bits of software, (MS Paint for example).


      I'm going to answer my own message by saying I think I've found the reason.

      It's the total number of images - once they exceed 108 the compile fails. (Or it's the total size). Reduce the number of images to 108 or below and the compiling is fine, even on a file that's failed with a larger number of images.

      Does anyone know the limits you can have on the number of topics, images, etc., you can have in a project?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          RH for Word is designed to work with BMP images and you get the option to display the image or a line of code. If you choose to display the BMP images, very often the compile will fail in exactly the way you describe. Change the view to code and the same project compiles OK.

          You have chosen to use jpgs in the source so you have to insert using Word's insert functionality which lets you insert jpg images. However you do not get the option to switch to a code view and hit the buffers when you compile. If you used RH's insert functionality, you would have to import BMPs and work with them. When you generate, you would choose conversion to jpg or gif. But with BMPs in the source, you can switch to code while you compile and not have this issue.

          No idea whether the limit is file size or number of files, I suspect file size.

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            Phil_Wells Level 1
            Thanx 4 response.

            I think the limit is file size. I've deleted a number of fairly small images, and the file still crashes on compiling. Delete a single large image and the file compiles OK.