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    FLVplayback  control

      Hi all hope you can help me.
      I am relatively new at flash so please bare with me.
      I have embedded (linked) my FLV video to my SWF file. I have been trying to make it open another FLV file after the current one have completed but to no avail.
      This is what i have tried AS FAR:

      TRY 1: With in the current(active) FLVplayer I place the action script to launch another FLV in scene2 at frame1 upon completion of the video.

      on (complete) {
      gotoAndPlay("Scene 2", 1);

      Doesnt work :-(

      i dont understand why it soesnt work as i tried to link it to a URL unpon completion and it worked so i know the "triger" works. What an i doing wrong?

      THanks in advance.

      Can someone show me how to do this?