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    Passing Parameters with loadMovie()

      I'm trying to use loadMovie to load a SWF at a particular URL into a movie clip. The SWF requires that I pass certain parameters as name/value pairs (such as ver=2.0&plat=win&lang=en ). The Help file implies that this is possible, but it doesn't give an example, and I have been unable to make it work.

      The weird thing is, I can get the same URL to load properly if I put it at the root, but not within a new movie clip.

      For example, the following works (the URL is just an example):

      this.loadMovie(" http://www.nothing.com/test.swf&ver=2.0&plat=win&lang=en");

      but this doesn't:

      var emptyBox:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("emptyBox", 1);
      emptyBox.loadMovie(" http://www.nothing.com/test.swf&ver=2.0&plat=win&lang=en");

      How can I pass these parameters to the SWF? Should I be using "GET" or "POST" and if so, where do they go in the statement?