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    is it possible?


      I have a main.swf on level0, which loads other swfs on level1. There's only one swf on level 1 at a time. Before loading new swf on level1, already loaded swf on level1 sends variable with a name of a swf which must be loded to main.swf. How can I do that? And second. Is it possible create a function in a main.swf, which will check for that variable (which swf must be loaded next) on a level1, no matter which swf in loaded on that level. Something like a global variable. And how can I do that? What am I looking for?

      One more question. I didn't get the flash logic yet. In case of ASP you get new data after you reload or visit the page. How is it with Flash? Let say you have to swfs, one on level0 and one on level1. Is there a constant communication between those two?If something happens in one, does it also happens in the other or must the other be "reloaded"? In my case, when the user clicks the button, the function runs. In this function is a variable. Does it must be send to other swf or the other swf gets it via _level1.somevariable by itself?

      THX for any reply