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    Cookie Pre-loader

    Dilroy Level 1

      I've been looking for a way to make the pre--loader sequence only play once and have obtained the following from a similar topic:

      Check out the SharedObject function.
      This will set a flash cookie and check if your movie was already played before.

      function VisitCheck() {
      var myLocalSO = sharedobject.getLocal("visitRecord");
      if (myLocalSO.data.visited == null) {
      myLocalSO.data.visited = 1;

      else {

      I just need to know if this code will save the contents of the site in the cookie or will simply see if the pre-loader has played before and then bypass it.

      If it is the latter it will cause my site to start playing when the info. hasn't been loaded onto the user's drive so i want to know if it is the one i need or not.