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    help with removeMovieClip()

    DZ-015 Level 1
      Hey - take a look at my code and see if you can find out what I'm doing wrong... the symptoms? Well, the movie clip doesn't go away!!


      the line of code you will be wanting to pay attention to (as it is the non-functioning cause of this post) is the very last line in the very last function. The rest is just so you have context.

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          Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
          removeMovieClip(mcTransitionImage); this is inside the function. Basically its saying remove movieclip called mcTransitionImage inside the function. It be a good idea to maybe be put _root. in front of it. Thats the same for this. And put var in front of nTransitionProgress and nTransitionPhase.

          Also os this where you wanted us to look?