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    Dynamic Form

      Well...somewhat dynamic.

      My idea is to create a form that adds fields based somewhat on user input using a simple gotoAndPlay (frame with the field I want to add to the form) when a user tabs out of it.

      The question is a simple one, I think. Where do I put that "gotoAndPlay" code?

      Like if I have a box that says name and the user types in their name and tabs, it should gotoAndPlay frame 2 where there will be two checkboxes that ask if they are the only owner of the company. If they check yes, they will go to a frame that has other questions to ask, if they say no, they will go to a frame that asks for the other owner names.

      The reason why I want to do it this way is because not all people will have to answer every question. Like sometimes I will need nultiple names, and then I will NEED those multiple names, if you get my drift, but I don't want to create a standard form with 5 or 6 "name" fields when most people will only need to enter one.