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    Buttons in Flash Pro 8


      I used to develop Flash w/ Flash 5, stopped for a while and just started again recently.

      I've tried creating a button but I'm quite surprised as to its behavior.

      My button is a symbol containing a png file and a static text object. The first 3 frames display the symbol and the text with the text being different colors on each frame.

      I initially set my hit frame to the same content as the Down frame. At testing, I could see my mouse cursor changing to a small hand when I hovered over the button but the latter didn't change and did not execute the on(release) action.

      Secondly, I added a sprite to the hit zone (I tried in the same layer and a in a different layer as my symbol) - no change.

      I then moved my sprite outside my symbol area and tested that: it worked. By hovering over the invisible hit zone, the button did what I expected.

      So what's wrong with what I'm doing?