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    Need to customize the variable info sent to a query string

    Blakice_iceman Level 1

      I have run into a small issue while trying to send user data selected from 1 DateField and 3 ComboBoxes in a form. Everything is sending correctly except for the DateField, when sent is places much un-needed info in the query string.

      For example, this is what I need it to look like in the query string:
      https://reservations.ihotelier.com/onescreen.cfm?LanguageID=1&HotelID=13337&DateIn=09%2F28 %2F2006&Children=1&Adults=3&Length=3

      Here is what is actually showing up right now:
      https://reservations.ihotelier.com/onescreen.cfm?LanguageID=1&HotelID=13337&DateIn=Thu%20S ep%2028%2000%3A00%3A00%20GMT%2D0700%202006&Children=1&Adults=3&Length=3

      You'll notice that everything is fine except for the DateIn variable. So, I guess I'm asking if anyone knows how I can customize the data that is sent to the query string, with specific characters (example: I don't need "%20" in the DateIn, however I need those to be "%2F"), as well as the name of the month to be just the month number. I need to get rid of all the time information in the DateIn variable. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! :)

      Here is my action script right now: