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    flex deployment

      I am working on a dashboard which has been built using Adobe flex. The dashboard however provides various different functionalities and touches various totally independent systems at the backend. All of the backend systems are however built using J2EE technologies and deployed as multiple ear files. Now thats where the problem arises,

      As the frontend application has grown in size and started communication with various backend system, it has been observed that most of the times if a new feature has to be added, e,g kind of a new portlet has to be added which would only communicate with one of the backend ear files, the whole frontend application has to be rebuilt. Currently it is being hosted as an ear file on JBoss, with a single SWF file.

      Is it possible to host this Flex application as multiple ear files breaking it down into multiple swf files, with each ear file hosting one swf. In order to decouple all the applications on the front end as well, but keep the user experience the same i.e rendering all these ear files as one dashboard?

      Any links advice would be greatly helpful.
      Thanks in advance