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    Fireworks Desaturating Images

      I have 4000x4000 300 DPI images that I have been editing in fireworks,

      If I open the original photos in an 'original' adobe product the colour is excellent, if I open them in fireworks the colour becomes dull and desaturated.

      Here is a Sample Image. Open it in windows image viewer and you get a lovely blue and the child looks healthy. But as soon as I open it in fireworks, it becomes dull on screen.

      I wonder if it's a colour profile issue or maybe I've found a limit of fireworks..?

      Regards, Dan

      EDIT. I note that the image viewed in Internet Explorer gives the same dull colour as Fireworks. But if I save the image to hard drive and open with Image Viewer it's bright again.

      I also note that if I print the original image from an 'original' Adobe product it's bright, if I save out an edited version using fireworks and print that from an 'original' Adobe product it remains dull.