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    PLEASE! Problems setting components dynamically


      We are beginners to Flash/*** and we are creating an application like a presentation, where you are able to go to NEXT and PREVIOUS pages. These pages are frames in the timelime and we have only some frames like templates.
      If we need a page we go to the right frame/template (where all buttons, textAreas (CSS enabled), dynamicTexts.... ARE BLANK) and after we set all the components according to what we need.

      The problem is:

      if we call show() (the functions which populate the components) before gotoAndStop() we don't get the components set. Ok, so we call gotoAndStop() then show() but some components are not rendered, mainly the "heavy weight" ones, like big textAreas with lots of CSS formated content inside. We put a delay (150 ms) between gotoAndStop() and show() and this way all the components are rendered correctly but you can see the components moving in the screen... it's awful!

      So we get the advice from a forum and now it looks better. But because the timer (for an old problem) you can see the pages "flashing" it's weird!

      So, is there any way to populate the FRAME before going to it? Or maybe any other approach to achieve a good result on that?

      P.S.:We have been looking for an answer for a long time and so far we didn't get an answer in other forums!